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12. Q: What are some forms of ID I can bring with me?

      A: Here are some  accepted forms of ID: California Driver’s License,             California DMV Identification Card, Valid out-of-state Driver’s, License         Military ID, Passport, Resident Alien Card, Immigration Card,

      Green Card

       *Please note, if any of these are expired they are no longer valid*

7. Q: How long does it take?

    A: The finger print process takes 5-10 minutes.  

6. Q: Do I need an appointment to come in?

    A: Monday- Friday you can walk in anytime between 9:00 am - 6:00     pm no appointment is necessary.  Saturday's are by                             appointment only, so please call in advance to make an                       appointment. 

11. Q: How much does each ink card cost?

       A: Each ink card is $17.

10. Q: Do you also do ink fingerprinting?

    A: Yes we also offer Ink Fingerprinting.  You can bring in your           own ink card or we can supply you with them .

5. Q: What if I am being hired by a non-profit organization?

    A: Certain non-profits are exempt from the government fees, so         even if there is no Billing Number you still only need to pay the         $17 Rolling Fee. Although, this does not apply to all non-profits           you must bring in your form for us to tell you how much the cost       will be. 

3. Q: What is the cost total?

    A: Our rolling fee: $17

    Government Fees

    DOJ: $32

    FBI: $17

 Please note we do not decide how much the DOJ and FBI fees    are, those are  fees decided by the government.  Therefore        you will need to add their fee to our $17 Rolling Fee.  On your    form there is a section labeled level of service, that will tell        you if your prints only need to sent to the DOJ only or if              they also going to the FBI. 

   **Read questions 4 & 5 for more info. about total cost**

4. Q: What if  there is a Billing Number on my form? 

   A: If your form has a Billing Number then you will only be    responsible for our $17 Rolling Fee. 

2. Q: How does the process of Live Scan work?

    A: Once we take your prints we will submit them to the           DOJ electronically, the DOJ will then conduct the                       background check.  The DOJ will then send the results to the requesting agency. 

1. Q: What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

    A: Live Scan is electronic fingerprinting, which no longer                 uses ink. 

***Please feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions**


8Q:  What do I need to bring with me to the office?

    A: All you need is the Live Scan form from the requesting agency,           along with a valid I.D. (State Issued Drivers License, Passport, ETC.)

9. Q: Do I fill out the form at home, or do I have to fill it out at the               office?

     A: You can fill out the form on your own, if you have any questions        about anything on the form you can bring it to the office so we can        assist you.